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Αποστολή σε 5-7 εργάσιμες ημέρες - Υπό την προϋπόθεση αποθέματος από τον προμηθευτή

To soundtrack του Toy Story στη σειρά Legacy Collection (hard-book 2CD).

To soundtrack του Toy Story στη σειρά Legacy Collection (hard-book 2CD).

Περισσότερες Πληροφορίες

CD 1:
1. Opening (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
2. You've Got A Friend In Me (From 'Toy Story'/Soundtrack Version Remastered 2015) 
3. Andy's Birthday Is Today (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
4. They're Alive! (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
5. 'Staff Meeting Everybody!' (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
6. 'You Too, Bo Peep' (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
7. Andy's Birthday Party (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
8. Code Red (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
9. A Good Soldier Never Leaves A Man Behind (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
10. Presents: Who Invited That Kid? (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
11. Surprise Present (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
12. 'What Are You Doing Under The Bed?' (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
13. Buzz Revealed (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
14. Buzz Flies (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
15. Strange Things (From 'Toy Story'/Soundtrack Version Remastered 2015) 
16. Woody/Bo Peep (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
17. Sid (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
18. Virtual Realty (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
19. Woody Plots (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
20. Rube Globeburg (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
21. 'Woody Did It!' (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
22. Rescue Attempt (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
23. 'Buzz, You're Alive!' (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
24. Buzz And Woody Fight (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
25. Buzz's Mission (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
26. 'It's A Spaceship, Buzz' (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
27. Pizza Planet Rock (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
28. 'What? Hello? A Space Port!' (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
29. The Claw (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
30. Dr. Sid (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
31. Mutant Toys (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
32. Woody's Gone (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
33. 'Sorry Guys, Dinner's Canceled' (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
34. Scud (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
35. Buzz Lightyear Commercial (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
36. I Will Go Sailing No More (From 'Toy Story'/Soundtrack Version Remastered 2015) 
37. Out The Window (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
38. Sid's Toys Fix Buzz (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
39. The Big One (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
40. Sad Andy (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
41. 'Buzz, I Need Your Help' (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
42. Working Together (Leads To Failure) (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
43. The Rescue Pt. 1 (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
44. Sid Counts Down (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
45. The Rescue Pt. 2: Play Nice, Sid (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
46. Chasing The Van (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
47. Rc To The Rescue (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
48. To Infinity And Beyond (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
49. Together Again And A Very Merry Christmas (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 
50. You've Got A Friend In Me (From 'Toy Story'/Duet Remastered 2015) 
51. End Credits (From 'Toy Story'/Score) 

CD 2:
1. Strange Things (Piano/Vocal Demo) 
2. Plastic Spaceman (Piano/Vocal Demo) 
3. I Will Go Sailing No More (Piano/Vocal Demo) 
4. The Fool (Piano/Vocal/Demo) 
5. You've Got A Friend In Me (From 'Toy Story'/Instrumental Version Remastered 2015) 
6. Strange Things (From 'Toy Story'/Instrumental Version Remastered 2015) 
7. I Will Go Sailing No More (From 'Toy Story'/Instrumental Version Remastered 2015) 
8. Thanking The Orchestra 

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ΔιαθεσιμότηταΑποστολή σε 5-7 εργάσιμες ημέρες - Υπό την προϋπόθεση αποθέματος από τον προμηθευτή
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